The Women of Richmond’s Standard Oil Refinery

During WWII, close to 400 women worked at the refinery. The refinery produced aviation gasoline at the request of the government at the time. Today, Standard Oil Refinery is called Chevron Richmond Refinery. 

Photo 1: Richmond, CA December 1943 - Rita Daly dunks her cigarette in a jar of water as E. J. Sandretto gets matches. Workers were only allowed to smoke in these specially-equipped parts of the plan. (Keith Dennison / Oakland Tribune Staff Archives)

Photo 2: Richmond, CA October 1944 - Mrs. Dorothy Kirkpatrick draws a gasoline sample. Dorothy worked at the refinery while her husband Otis, a Shipfitter 2c, was overseas with the United States Navy. (Oakland Tribune Staff Archives)

Photo 3: Richmond, CA October 1944 - Miss Fontaine Silver (left) and Mrs. Jessie Carpenter performing maintenance at the gasoline plant. (Oakland Tribune Staff Archives)